Diesel Transmission Repairs

"Hy-Tech Transmissions did an excellent job overhauling and upgrading my 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins Turbo Diesel stock transmission. Ryan Kuykendall at the Lusher Road, St. Louis MO location was able to work with my schedule and budget. I needed a quick turnaround on my daily driver so I didn’t miss time at work. By having a good long standing relationship with local and national part suppliers he was able to get what was needed. Ryan was also able to offer an upgraded triple disc torque converter and other tempting items such as a billeted input shaft. The upgraded torque converter has pushed my fuel mileage up 3 to 4 MPG as well as allowing my modified truck to put upwards of 1000ftlbs of torque at the rear wheels. He was even able to put a quick weld on a loose exhaust hanger. I had quotes at other businesses and Ryan had their prices beat without any add-ons.

This is a family owned business you can trust to fix your vehicle right. When I need another repair, Hy-Tech Transmissions will be my first call." - Rich



HyTech  Diesel Transmission Upgrades!


Sure, The factory diesel transmission in your truck gets you to work and the grocery store, but does it get you the performance and attention your beast deserves?  Probably not.  You need power and reliable performance, and you need it now.  Don't let your truck let you down.  Call us today and ask about our diesel transmission upgrade service.

We'll tear down your old transmission and rebuild it using top quality performance parts, designed for your specific needs.  Whether you need more power to pull your toys, or just looking to spend the weekend in the mud, call us today and we'll  reinstall a premium, transmission package that delivers results. 

We can rebuild your diesel transmission in many different forms depending on your application:

  • Stock,  Towing, Performance

 The number of upgrade options are only limited by your application and your budget:

Billet Input Shafts

 Dodge / 48RE Billet Input Shaft


(Dodge / 48RE Billet Input Shaft)

(Ford/4R100 Input Shaft)


(Ford/4R100 Input Shaft)

Billet Intermediate Shafts

  • Billet Shafts are made from hardened material that is heat-treated and precision ground to meet all specifications.

  • Increased spline count to increase surface contact


llet Output Shafts

(Ford/4R100 Billet Output Shaft)


(Ford/4R100 Billet Output Shaft)


  • Billet Torque Converters with Option of Single- to Multi-disc Clutches

    • Efficient torque converters can give an increase in fuel mileage and performance

  • Performance Bands

  • Performance Clutch Plates

    • Additional clutches added

    • Materials are higher quality which give heat resistance and more holding power

  • Recalibration Kits

  • After-Market Deep Pans

    • Allows the use of additional fluid which will drop the overall running temperature of your transmission

The following is for Dodge Diesel Cummins, however, Ford and Chevrolet are also available.

Cummins1   Cummins2   Cummins3


Trans Type Stator Clutch Type Suggested Max Torque
All Except 48RE Stock Single, Billet Cover  500 ft/lbs
All Stock Single, Billet Cover  500 ft/lbs
All Custom Low Stall Single, Billet Cover  750 ft/lbs
All Custom Low Stall Multi, Billet Cover  1000 ft/lbs

Billet Low Stall Steel Ring

Multi, Billet Cover  1100 ft/lbs

Billet Ultra Low Stall Steel Ring

Multi, Billet Cover  1200 ft/lbs