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HY-Tech Transmissions Vandalia IL
Experienced Transmission Maintenance & Repair Technicians

in Vandalia, Illinois

Hy-Tech Transmissions’ ATRA certified transmission technicians have been delivering professional transmission maintenance, transmission repair, and general vehicle care to Vandalia, IL area clients for over 40 years. We take pride in always guaranteeing the safety of our customers and their cars as a family-owned and managed company, without charging an arm and a leg like other repair shops in southern IL. While we specialize in transmission repair, our shop also provides a wide range of automobile services for both automatic and manual cars. Our mechanics are here to offer the essential auto repair services your car needs to operate like new again, from brakes and basic tune-ups to regular oil changes and diesel transmission improvements. To arrange an inspection or repair work on your car, call (618) 664-9800 today.

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Transmission Repair

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Vehicle Inspections Vandalia, IL

The last thing anybody wants to hear while attempting to start their vehicle on the way to work is shaking and stuttering coming from your car. It's time to take your car or truck in for a thorough examination, whether you've been hearing a loud humming noise from your vehicle for a few weeks or have had a gradual coolant leak for a few months. From your tires, fluids, and belts to your lights, wipers, batteries, hoses, and key components like your transmission and engine, our car repair experts in Vandalia, IL will inspect everything. When it comes to your vehicle, it's always better to inspect now than repair later, so book a vehicle inspection with our repair shop today, and we'll have your car operating like new in no time.

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Transmission Maintenance & Repair Vandalia, IL

Have you had your transmission examined recently? Hy-Tech Transmission in Vandalia, IL, specializes in transmission repair and maintenance for all makes and models of vehicles. Did you know that your transmission should be cleaned every 30,000 miles or two years, whichever comes first, to keep your vehicle operating smoothly? This will not only guarantee your transmission to power your engine efficiently, but it will also avoid major maintenance problems in the future. Our mechanics have over 40 years of expertise in the business and can offer professional repairs at a reasonable price. If you are having difficulty starting your car or hearing a loud humming or clunking sound, Don't put off transmission repair and maintenance in Vandalia, IL until it's too late; contact us now.

Large Chevy vehicle maintenance | HY-Tech Transmissions Vandalia IL

Diesel Transmission Upgrades Vandalia, IL

If you own a car with a diesel transmission, you already know that your vehicle is unusable without dependable, functional components. We specialize in diesel transmission part upgrades at Hy-Tech Transmission in Vandalia, IL, to give your vehicle the power and performance it needs to keep you and your family safe on the road. We've been repairing diesel transmissions and delivering dependable transmission upgrades to cars all across the Midwest for almost four decades. Our experts can offer you professional diesel transmission modifications that keep your vehicle feeling new, from billet shafts and torque converters to clutch plates and recalibration kits. Make an appointment for a transmission upgrade service today!

Close up of car disc brake during the wheel tire change or repair. Disc brake of the car during the maintenance at auto service garage

Vehicle Tune-Up & Brake Repair Vandalia, IL

Are you avoiding driving because your brakes are squealing? Has your car's stalling at red lights become a problem? It's possible that you need a tune-up and new brakes. To maintain your vehicle's safety and efficiency for years to come, Hy-Tech Transmission in Vandalia, IL recommends having a tune-up every 10,000-12,000 miles. Brake pads, depending on how far and how often you drive, may last anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 miles. Our auto repair experts have years of expertise cleaning, repairing, and replacing components on cars of all makes and models, so you can count on us to return your vehicle to its original condition at a reasonable price.

Hy-Tech Transmissions can rebuild and upgrade your diesel transmission to meet any need

Many repairs turn out to be minor, if addressed early and correctly the first time. That’s why at Hy-Tech Transmissions, we encourage our customers to stop by for a free diagnostic, test drive and estimate. Don’t wait until that minor repair turns into a major and costly problem. Stop in or call today!